Firearms Transfers

Firearms Transfers

Firearm Transfer Services

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  • This is a standard transfer of a pistol, rifle or shotgun that you purchased from elsewhere and would like us to facilitate the transfer for you.  

    We offer a CCW Discount of $5.00, please select the CCW Transfer item if you have a CCW (you will need to provide a copy of your valid CCW to receive this discount) 

    • $25.00
  • CCW Transfer of Pistol or Rifle
    • 20% off

    This is a basic transfer of a Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun that you purchased elsewhere and have you Arizona CCW. You will need to provide a copy of your valid CCW to receive this discounted price.

    • $20.00
  • This item is for starting the process of transferring a NFA Listed item (ie:  Suppressor, SBR, etc.) that you purchased elsewhere. This fee includes the storage of your firearm while you await the tax stamp from the ATF. 

    • $35.00
  • LEO Transfer of Firearm
    • 60% off

    As a way to thank our LEOs who put their life on the line everyday we offer a discounted transfer for this process. All you need to do is select this item, and when you pick up your firearm just show us your badge.  This discount is also good for retired LEO's, just show us your retired credentials 

    • $10.00
  • Military Transfer of Firearm
    • 40% off

    This is a discounted transfer service we offer for our dedicated active and retired military folks as a way of thanking you for your service. All you need to do is present your active military credentials, or retired military credentials to get this discounted service. 

    • $15.00